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Intelligent Background Screening

for the Hospitality Industry

Only Predictive Leadership Solutions can give you the variety of cost-effective screening products for every possible situation.  Remain compliant with your screening programs and regulatory obligations, only with PLS.


Service Industry Focused

We concentrate on your company and the people you rely upon to serve your customers.  PLS specializes in assisting hotels, restaurants, casinos, and the businesses supporting the hospitality and leisure sectors with making great hiring decisions.   


Customer Satisfaction

PLS understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry.  We are the only company providing specialized service to both our clients and their applicants.  Our team members are industry knowledgeable and responsive to meet your needs, while our exclusive Applicant Liaisons™ ensure a superior applicant experience.


Solutions Designed for...

Hotels and Casinos

At PLS, we understand the gaming compliance demands you face every day. Our custom packages are designed to take the guess work out of background screening compliance.

Convention Centers

As the hub of the service industry, we serve the rigorous and flexible needs convention centers have on staffing.  Need fast turn-around time for a fast staff up? No problem with PLS!

Restaurants and Night Clubs

Reduce turn-over and improve the quality of your servers and support staff by doing a comprehensive but fast and cost-effective screen on all new hires.

Delivery & Transportation Services

A solid driving record is only part of what makes a good driver.  See the whole picture by conducting thorough criminal searches to safeguard against unforeseen issues.

Security Services

Only PLS understands the uniqure  and demanding requirements needed to protect the clients of your clients.


hospitality-jobs-.jpgWho is serving your customers?

As we all know, every experience your customer has with you better be a great one.  For this reason alone, ensuring you know who you are hiring is vital to the foundations of exceptional customer service.  Whether bringing on board a front of the house server or a new member of your administrative staff, for example, one bad hire can jeopardize your establishment’s reputation.  Before making your all-important hiring decisions, prevent losses, mitigate risk in your locations, reduce workplace violence, and ensure the best possible choice by utilizing Predictive Leadership Solutions for your employment screening program essentials. Background screening through Predictive Leadership Solutions is fast, accurate, compliant, and designed to be a straight forward process in a complex hiring workflow. Take advantage of our smarter, distinctively simple web access and comprehensive customizable packages of wide-ranging screening and substance abuse tools designed specifically for the hospitality space. For more information, on our robust screening programs, click here.


 According to HR Management, background screening and assessments have an ROI over 900%.

Why Use PLS?

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